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Amaizeingly Green Producers of Organic Corn Gluten in Collingwood Fined $325,000 by the Ontario Ministry of Environment

Amaizeingly Green from Collingwood Ontario was fined $325,000 for Odor Emmisions from their plant.

These people make ORGANIC Corn Gluten Meal.

It sounds like this company has spent a large amount of money so far trying to comply.
This proposal is for an amendment to existing Certificate of Approval (Air) No. 7216-78HMF8. The purpose of this proposal is to amend the existing Certificate to permit the modifications outlined in an odour abatement plan for Amaizeingly Green Products, L.P., a fuel grade ethanol and corn wet milling manufacturing facility located in Collingwood, Ontario.
The proposed modifications consist of: the decommissioning of the Gluten Silo Dust Collector; the removal of the Pellet Mill Exhaust; the re-routing of the Fibre Processing Exhaust and Yeast Centrifuge Exhaust to the Combined Scrubber; the combining of the Distillation Building Ventilation into one (1) new exhaust stack; the ducting of building air to the Boilers & Yeast Dryer Exhaust; the installation of a Cooling Tower; the installation of an exhaust serving the Flash Dryer; and the installation of two (2) Backup Boiler Exhausts.
Contaminants emitted to the atmosphere from the proposed equipment include nitrogen oxides, particulate matter, ethanol, acrolein, acetaldehyde, and isooctane.

Latest Update:

Amaizeingly Green given another deadline to stop odours
Posted 1 month ago

Amaizeingly Green has been given until March 26 to control its odours -- but the general manager of the plant says that's too tight a deadline to do something properly.

"It's next to impossible," said Martin Kazmir after Ministry of Environment representatives updated councillors on Monday on the latest control order issued to the plant. "The complexity of the situation... to do it right and meet the deadline (isn't realistic)."

Amaizeingly Green had proposed May 24 as a deadline date.

MOE district manager Cindy Hood said the plant was issued an amendment to the plant's control order on Friday after more complaints of noise and odour at the plant had been made to the ministry.

Hood said the plant's odour abatement plant approved last May has resulted in a "significant improvement"; however, "there continues to be adverse odours... and odours that would be considered offensive.

"Although they tend to be less intense than a year ago, there continues to be odours."

There be modifications to the abatement plan following the shutdown of the plant last summer, the most recent in December when plant management proposed taking a piece of abatement equipment from an area of the plant no longer being utilized and using it to reduce odours emanating from the plant's germ dryer.

Hood said that required an OK from the Ministry, and while using the equipment was fine, the ministry wanted to see it done sooner than later.

Plant management said May 24, but that was "not acceptable," she said, noting the ministry-required date of March 26, as identified in last Friday's order.

Hood said plant management also needs to come back to the ministry by March 15 with a contingency plan if the equipment isn't successful.

Hood said the plant has had nine confirmed 'adverse odours' since it reopened in July Hood's presentation inspired tough talk from Councillor Tim McNabb, who claimed the odour from the plant was so strong the other day while he was driving by the facility that it was causing his kids to choke.


COLLINGWOOD — On June 19, 2009 Amaizeingly Green Products GP Ltd. (formerly named Collingwood Ethanol GP Ltd.) pleaded guilty to two counts under the Environmental Protection Act and was fined a total of $325,000 plus victim fine surcharges. The first count was for discharging a contaminant, namely odour, into the environment that caused an adverse effect and the second count was for operating equipment without a Certificate of Approval.

The Court heard that the company operates a manufacturing plant in an industrial area of Collingwood. The plant processes corn into a number of agricultural and industrial products, including ethanol. Since 2007, the ministry and the company had received numerous complaints about odour and noise from residents in the surrounding area.

The company has been spending money on equipment and process improvements to address noise and odour and has been complying with the requirements of a ministry Control Order. On May 11, 2009, the company announced it would voluntarily cease operations on a temporary basis as of June 30, 2009 in order to implement further odour and noise abatement measures.

Prior to the restart of the plant, the company will provide a restart protocol and a detailed plan regarding an assessment of the effectiveness of the measures taken. The company is providing reports and updates to all interested parties.

The company was charged following an investigation by the Ministry of the Environment’s Investigations and Enforcement Branch.

Justice of the Peace G. Solursh heard the case in the Ontario Court of Justice in Collingwood, Ontario and imposed sentence on June 19, 2009. The company paid the fine immediately following the court appearance.

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