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Collision Course !


The Golf Industry Capitulation To Brown Enviro–Terror


Brown is indicative of UNHEALTHY,


Pebble Beach Golf Links
Is The Most
Golf Course


From the point–of–view
this golf course,

golf course on the


From the point–of–view of
Pebble Beach, as well as
ANY golf course, is ...

as unnaturally pumped–up
as a steroid–addled
East–German shot–putter


want JUNK Golf Courses


throughout the
Golf Industry !


and BROWN, looking like LEOPARD SKIN


Pebble’s Greens : Awesome or Awful ?

July 8th, 2010

Larry Aylward, Editor in Chief

Golfdom Media Release

Golf Course Superintendents are divided over how Pebble Beach Golf Links’s GREENS appeared during the United States Open [ Golf Championship ].

The golf course putting greens that made headlines across the world last month were those from Pebble Beach Golf Links, site of last month’s United States Open [ Golf Championship ].

Pebble’s greens were in the golf news more than Tiger Woods, which might not be a good thing these days.

Many golfers and golf course superintendents wonder « what happened ? » to the greens at Pebble Beach.


Enviro–Maniac JUNK Greens Unacceptable
to Golf Course Superintendents and Golfers


They appeared « splotchy », « mottled », and even « brown » to television viewers of the United States Open [ Golf Championship ].

One superintendent [ ... ] described the greens as looking like « leopard skin ».

Pat Gross, [ Enviro–Maniac ] Director of the Southwest Region for the United States Golf Association ( USGA ), wrote an article in a USGA news-letter to try and put out the fire.

[ Enviro–Maniac ] Gross admitted that the mostly Poa annua greens might have been « unacceptable to many superintendents and golfers ».

He also wrote « cosmetics and appearance were not high on the priority list ».


Tiger Woods publicly CONDEMNED
the greens at Pebble Beach Golf Links


Perfectly Imperfect

June 28th, 2010

Christopher S. Gray Senior

Golfdom Insider

Selected and adapted excerpts

Anyone looking for a dark–green, perfectly manicured golf course for this year’s national championship came away disappointed.

The fairways and approaches held large brown areas in them, the Poa annua greens were STRIKINGLY DISCOLORED and ROLLED BUMPY in spots, and the course yielded an overall BROWN PATINA at Pebble Beach Golf Links for the United States Open [ Golf Championship ] earlier this month.

In short, anyone looking for a dark–green and perfectly–manicured golf course for this year’s national championship became DISAPPOINTED.


Enviro–Maniac JUNK Greens
discoloured, bumpy, and brown


But this year, [ people ] focused on criticizing the SPLOTCHY Poa annua greens at Pebble Beach, which GLIMMERED NEARLY EVERY SHADE OF GREEN AND KHAKI on the color wheel, possibly because they rarely ever see these conditions on nationally televised golf tournaments.

More likely, however, it was because Tiger Woods CONDEMNED them after playing his first round.

And when Tiger speaks, the whole golf world listens.

According to Tiger Woods ―

« It was so bouncy out there. The greens are just awful. It is what it is. »

United States Golf Association Executive Director [ and Enviro–Maniac ] David Fay told the press that Woods was wrong about his comments ―

« He’s entitled to his opinion, but he’s off on his facts. These putting surfaces have never been better. [ ?!?! ] »

At the press conference, prior to the beginning of the tournament, new USGA President [ and Enviro–Maniac ] Jim Hyler celebrated the Pebble Beach commitment to sustainable policies, ranging from its water reclamation project to its Audubon International certification status. 

According to [ Enviro–Maniac ] Hyler ―

« They are an industry leader, and we support the efforts that Pebble Beach has made to incorporate environmentally sustainable practices on their property for many years. »


In the year 2010 ...

The game of golf is a flourishing


In the year 2020 ...

Large numbers of golf courses will




want JUNK Golf Courses


Go Brown
throughout the
Golf Industry !


The Annihilation of the Golf Industry !

In the year 2020 ...

The game of golf is NO LONGER a flourishing Billion–Dollar–Industry.

Pest control products are prohibited NATIONALLY.

Integrated Pest Management and Green Alternatives are FAILURES.

The ENTIRE Golf Industry has its pesticide Exception Status REVOKED.


The labour now needed for pesticide–free maintenance is STAGGERING.

The concept of Brown Is Beautiful is also a FAILURE.

Golf facilities can no longer offer BEAUTIFUL RESTFUL Green Spaces.

Golfers NO LONGER want to play on BROWN DEPRESSING courses.

Playing conditions are DISMAL at virtually ALL golf facilities.

Only the RICH ELITE golfer can afford to play on GREEN HEALTHY courses.

Up to seventy per cent of golfers ABANDON the sport.

All golf facilities are considered as WORTHLESS investments.

No one can buy or sell a golf facility, and owners are FRANTIC.

Golf facilities can NO LONGER AFFORD to pay the property taxes.

Sixty per cent of all golf clubs CLOSE DOWN or go BANKRUPT.

Superintendents are NO LONGER NECESSARY or NEEDED.

The Multi–Billion–Dollar–Golf–Industry is ANNIHILATED.

Large numbers of golf facilities are ABANDONED WASTE DUMPS.


Go Brown Is a Poor Message

April 2010

Dan Dinelli

On Course Magazine

Just when the world is appreciating the concept of « green », our industry seems to want to « Go Brown ! »

When it comes to golf, the newly coined phrase « Brown Is Beautiful » concerns me.

The idea is being sold based on the assumption that « brown » turf requires fewer inputs, saves money, is better for the environment, and plays better.

A few key issues will drive this topic for some time to come.


Golf Course Grooming

The industry is trying to break itself from the « Augusta Effect », where all plants are growing beautifully, and the look of perfection is seen in all elements within the landscape.

« Over–Grooming Is Over Spending » is the phrase often associated with Augusta–like conditions.


The reasons to Go Brown may be the
application of inputs, the expense in over–
seeding dormant turf, and the conservation,
quality and restriction of water


Some golfers enjoy the beautified landscape enhanced with flowers and shrubs.

Others feel it DETRACTS from the PURITY OF THE GAME.

The fact is ― most budgets CANNOT AFFORD the intensity of care golf–scapes like Augusta’s require.


Reasons To Go Brown

In many areas around the country, the drive to « Go Brown » is about water conservation and restrictions.

In other areas, the concern is water quality and the application of inputs, such as nitrogen and phosphorus.

Many scientific studies have concluded that INPUTS, when used properly, POSE EXTREMELY LOW RISKS ON TURF.

However, governing bodies often OVERLOOK these studies, and propose [ Enviro–Maniac ] broad bans.

The expense in over–seeding dormant turf is another driving force behind the idea that « Brown Is Good ».


Going Brown threatens playability,
long–term revenues, the environment,
and the health of the golf facility


Lastly, many of the better golfers [ a small minority ] enjoy the DRY, FIRM AND FAST SURFACE that thinning turf offers, because it is similar to the courses where the game originated.


The challenge with « Brown Is Beautiful » or « Brown Is The New Green » is that it can work in certain areas, and be devastating in others.

Yes, one can argue that over–seeding dormant turf in order to maintain the green look is spending money poorly. [ ?!?! ]

The game can be played on dormant turf, and the grass will grow again when conditions are favourable.

There are grasses that can survive when pushed into dormancy, like the Bluegrass, common in Midwest lawns, and prevalent in our inner roughs.


Problems When Going Brown

During hot, dry summers, un–irrigated rough often turns brown, and gets very thin.

Unless the stressful growing conditions become extreme, the turf can still be playable.  


Not all grasses will tolerate Go Brown
― some may simply die


However, these are the areas where we actively fight weeds, and have to make turf repairs.

The problem is, NOT ALL GRASSES TOLERATE DORMANCY; some, like Poa annua, simply DIE.

Bentgrass tolerates some brief level of dormancy, but typically dies under the added stress of putting green conditions.

The variability in tolerance to stress, and seasonal hardiness within turf species, is confusing to the non–professional.

Much of what a turf professional learns is directly related to PREVENTING BROWN, STRESSED TURF during the growing season.


Typically, the grasses used in our climate on greens, tees, and fairways are Poa annua ( considered a weed by many because it lacks winter and summer hardiness and invades the turf with its prolific seed production ) and bentgrass.

We try to favour bentgrass because it is a hardier species that tolerates weather extremes ― better than Poa annua ― but Poa annua eventually becomes part of the turfgrass stand.

These grasses, when starved for both water and nutrients, BECOME STRESSED AND VULNERABLE TO SOME POTENTIALLY DEVASTATING DISEASES.

We are reminded of this from time to time, during stressful growing conditions.


Go Brown turf that is subjected to stress
will NOT be able to tolerate wear from play


Rumours quickly circulate whenever turf dies in key playing areas at a course.

Turf loss can compromise membership retention, playability, rounds played, revenues, and the course’s overall reputation.


Sustainable Playing Conditions

« Sustainability » is another buzz word used a lot today.

In our climate, with the grasses that we use, turf that continues to grow and function offers SUSTAINABLE PLAYING CONDITIONS.

Stressed « Brown Turf » will NOT be capable of tolerating wear from play over time.

The stand of turf will thin, allowing the surface to turn into barren soil.

The potential short–term savings in GOING BROWN will be offset when additional resources are required to bring these areas back to HEALTHY, PLAYABLE TURF.

Healthy, actively growing turf, which is defined by the plants’ ability to photosynthesize, and characterized by green color, offers far more environmental benefit than « brown » turf.

The plants ability to cool the surface, filter the water and air, and anchor the soil, is GREATEST WHEN THE TURF IS HEALTHY AND ACTIVE.


Economic Conditions

The current economy is straining maintenance budgets.

As the industry responds, and budgets are reduced, golf–scapes will change at many courses.

In the big picture, some feel the change will be better for the game because it will lower the cost, and make golf affordable for more people.


High Maintenance Standards

I have seen standards change during my career.

We now have sophisticated irrigation systems that almost mimic rain rather than the old, manual, quick–coupler systems.

Mowing heights on greens, tees, and fairways are less than half of what they were just three decades ago.

This has been driven by the quest for fast firm playing conditions.

Managing these ultra–low mowing heights requires a fleet of equipment, an arsenal of inputs, and an army of staff to monitor the turf’s life support systems, which mimic an intensive care unit.

Bunkers, once considered hazards, now receive a level of attention that rivals what we give to finely managed turf.

Some insist that golfer demand drove these changes.

Others think it was superintendents demonstrating their skills.

Regardless of who instigated the changes, these high standards are challenging our budgets today.

The key is balance.


Go Brown Is a Poor Message

We must balance the turf’s health, playability, economics, and environmental concerns to meet reasonable expectations and function.

In short, this is what superintendents are trained to do.


The training, tools, and resources that allow practitioners to grow healthy turf have little value when plant function is allowed to fail.

« Going Brown » in our climate is misunderstood.

I feel it is a POOR MESSAGE that could lead to UNATTRACTIVE CONSEQUENCES for the golf course.


The Wisdom of Dodson


Overview from an Independent Perspective

GO BROWN Enviro–Terror is SPREADING throughout the Golf Industry !

Environmental–Maniac–Activists want GO BROWN JUNK Golf Courses.

GO BROWN is promoted by United States Golf Association ( USGA ), which is clearly infested with Enviro–Maniac–Activists.

USGA Enviro–Maniacs support the RIDICULOUS notion that GO BROWN JUNK Golf Courses are environmentally sustainable. [ ?!?! ]

In fact, Brown means UNHEALTHY, UNPLAYABLE, and UNDESIRABLE turf.

USGA provided the world with an example of its failed Enviro–Maniac policies by converting Pebble Beach Golf Links into a GO BROWN JUNK Golf Course during the United States Open Golf Championship in June 2010.

They presented the prestigious, iconic, and otherwise beautiful, golf course in a PLAIN BROWN PAPER BAG.

USGA Enviro–Maniacs claim that GO BROWN JUNK Golf Courses are better for the environment, require fewer inputs, save money, and play better. [ ?!?! ]

Observers have concluded that USGA Enviro–Maniacs are LYING SACS OF CRAP !

Moreover, the GO BROWN JUNK conditions at Pebble Beach were UNACCEPTABLE to both Superintendents and Golfers, including Tiger Woods.


The GO BROWN JUNK Fairways and Approaches had LARGE BROWN AREAS.

Tiger Woods CONDEMNED the GO BROWN JUNK Golf Course at Pebble Beach ―

« It was so bouncy out there. The greens are just awful. It is what it is. »


Sustainable Moment :
Efficient Turfgrass Management
with Ron Dodson

GCSAA TV Sustainable Moments

Transcript from the Video

Retrieved on July 28th, 2010

I think a SUSTAINABLE GOLF ISSUE that a lot of people misunderstand is the fact that ...

... some people gravitate towards believing that brown is better than green.

And ... I think they are missing the boat on that ... just a tad.

That is an icon.

That is an image that sort of people might gravitate to.

But, it is not whether grass is brown, or whether it is green, that actually makes a golf course more sustainable.

It is EFFICIENT golf course management.

So I think a lot think that if you have brown golf ...

... you have backed off the water

... and therefore the grass has turned brown

... and therefore, we are more sustainable.

But, there are a lot of positive benefits to properly managed turfgrass which, in fact, may be a shade more green than brown ...

... as it relates to the respiration of turfgrass

... of the ability of healthy, thick, vigorous turf to actually sequester carbon

... or to hold run–off, and so forth.

So, the SUSTAINABLE topic is NOT to believe that you are a MORE SUSTAINABLE golf course if you are brown, other than green.


... putting the right amount of water in the right locations, at the right times, is MORE important than just focusing on turning your water off.

So ...

... efficiency




... that is what we ought to be focused on.


Background Information from an Independent Perspective

In 1987, the U.S. National Audubon Society was experiencing financial problems ― the organization had a 3½–million–dollar budget short–fall. Consequently, budgets were cut, and employees were terminated.

One of the terminated employees was Ronald G. Dodson, who had been Regional Vice–President since 1982.

Dodson went on to revive the Audubon Society of the State of New York State, and launched a registration program where the owners of backyards, corporate properties, golf courses, and school grounds, paid him to become recognized in the Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary System.

According to Dodson ―

« I decided that the approach we had been taking for the last twenty–five years was a bit old, and it was time for at least one environmental group to take a new partnership approach to working with people, as opposed to yelling and screaming at them all the time. »

Prior to Audubon, Dodson graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Wildlife Biology from Oakland City University, and a Masters Degree in Natural Resource Management from Indiana State University.

Dodson actually attended Indiana State University on a golf scholarship.

Dodson was ( and continues to be ) an avid golf player. His handicap now is between 12 and 15.

According to Dodson ―

« To me, golf is a game that is played in nature ― not over the top of it. It’s the only sport that you are supposed to be playing in nature ― not in a sanitized stadium. You get a bad bounce, get a bad roll, you hit a rock, etc … ― that’s part of the game. If we sanitize these courses to become what I call television studios, where the pros play on TV [ … ] that’s not the game. That’s some caricature of the game. »

In 1991, Dodson concluded an agreement with United States Golf Association ( USGA ).

A special program was to help golf clubs manage and build with a new approach. Dodson also pocketed a healthy contribution from USGA, and created Audubon International. Within one year, one–hundred–and–fifty golf facilities had enrolled in the Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Program for Golf Courses.

Club certification under this program was ( and still is ) a multi–step process, which includes ― pest management through cultural practices, water conservation, and wildlife habitats.

According to Dodson ―

« Our goal is to educate golf course superintendents ― not regulate them. Many states don’t require golf course developers to file environmental impact statements. So, just to meet our requirements for certification, many courses are doing more than what local, state, or federal agencies need. »

Today, Dodson is firmly in charge as Founder and President of Audubon International, and President of International Sustainability Council.

Dodson is a well–regarded advocate for sustainable development in golf.

Observers admit that Dodson has been impressive !

He has been astoundingly honest and consistent.

Dodson represents virtually the only bright spot in the environmental movement.


Brown is indicative of UNHEALTHY,


William H. Gathercole and Norah G

National Organization Responding Against Huje that TERRORIZE, HARM, and THREATEN the Green Space Industry (NORAHG)

William H. Gathercole, Founder

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The following Force Of Nature Reports are currently available ― ● A Look At ● Alberta Conspiracy ● British Columbia Conspiracy ● Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment ● Canadian Cancer Society ● Canadian Environmental Law Association ● Carnage ● Consequences ● Culprit ● David Suzuki Foundation ● Dating Services for Enviro Maniacs ● DDT and Politicized Science ● Death and the Environmental Terror Movement ● Enviro Profit ● Environmental Terrorists Unmasked ● Famous Quotations ● Fertilizer Terror ● Hero ● June Irwin, the Clown of Junk Science ● Kazimiera Jean Cottam ● Landscape Trades Capitulate ● Lying Sac of Enviro–Maniac Cwap ● Myth–Busting ● Needless Hysteria ● New Brunswick Conspiracy ● Newfoundland Conspiracy ● Nova Scotia Conspiracy ● Ontario Conspiracy ● Organic Fertilizers ● Paranoid Theories ● Pesticide Free BC ● Pets and Lawn Care Chemicals ● Positive Waves ● Prince Edward Island Conspiracy ● Quebec Conspiracy ● Rachel Carson, the Queen of Junk Science ● Reining a Terrorist Reaction ● Salmon Arm BC Conspiracy ● Satire ● Terror NEVER Ends ● Terror Talk ● The 9/11 Era of the Green Space Industry ● The Bin Laden of Enviro Terror, Paul Tukey ● The Failure of Integrated Pest Management ● The Looming Golf Industry Shipwreck ● The Industry Strikes Back ● The Misconceptions About Cancer ● The National Annihilation of the Modern Green Space Industry ● The Wisdom of Bill Bell ● The Wisdom of Drysdale ● The Wisdom of Health Canada ● The Wisdom of Hepworth ● The Wisdom of Holland ● The Wisdom of Lowes ● The Wisdom of Mains ● The Wisdom of the Solomons ● Update ● Warning ●


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