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<< Sadly, removing DDT has killed more people than Hitler. >>

▬ Michael Crichton. « State of Fear ». 2004.


It has been estimated that Rachel Carson and her « stepchildren » can be ranked among the GREATEST MASS KILLERS in recent history.

Since 1972, the Carson policies have led to deaths by malaria resulting from world–wide bans on DDT ( but not by democide ).

Sadly, Carson’s subversions served as an example and inspiration for aspiring environmental–terrorists.

Rachel Carson and her « stepchildren » are responsible for the deaths of 30 to 50 million people.


The Depraved Indifference of Enviro–Terrorists

Environmental–Terrorists operate on the false premise that untrammelled nature is always benign.

Environmental–Terrorists have a single–minded focus on the so–called « health » of the environment, the planet, or the ecosystem. Unfortunately, they are blind to the clear and present dangers posed to people, plants, and animals.

Many Environmental–Terrorists have prescribed actions that have been in direct conflict with public health, and with the preservation of our green spaces.

Environmental–Terrorists have encouraged destructive policies that have led to the devastation of our forests and landscapes, and the death of millions of people.

Environmental–Terrorists have killed more people than Hitler.

It has been observed that the removal of DDT showed that the West has DEPRAVED INDIFFERENCE for those suffering in Third World countries. Treatments were used long enough in the Southern United States and Southern Europe to eliminate insect–borne diseases, but now that DDT is only needed in poor countries, such as those found in Africa and Asia, it has been removed.

According to Paul K. Driessen, author of « Eco–Imperialism ― Green Power, Black Death » ―

<< Now, well–off environmental activists can afford to rail against pesticide use in Africa, while they enjoy all the comforts that our high–tech, malaria–free society bestows upon them. >>

For decades, many countries have been coming under pressure from international health and environmental agencies to give up DDT, or face losing aid grants or trade sanctions.

Both Belize and Bolivia have gone on record to say that they gave in to such pressure from the U.S. Agency for International Development ( U.S.A.I.D. ).

Furthermore, many African nations want to use DDT to save lives, but they have been told their agricultural exports may not be accepted if spraying becomes « widespread ».

Additionally, the European Union ( E.U. ) has threatened trade sanctions against countries like Uganda that seek to use DDT, even solely for malaria control.

Happily, these anti–DDT policies have finally changed in the Twenty–First Century.


The removal DDT led to the death of millions

The Green Space Industry needs to remind the public that the world–wide removal of DDT led to the unnecessary injury and death of millions of people.

In our world of politicized science, DDT had to be eliminated in order to save the environment.

Sadly, the protection of the environment appears to be a cause that is greater than any human suffering.

This is clearly a form of « DEPRAVED INDIFFERENCE » on the part of Environmental–Terrorists.

According to Dr. Gordon Edwards ―

<< 190 people per minute are either dying or suffering directly or indirectly from the U.S. ban of DDT and other pesticides. >>


The removal of DDT

In 1972, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency ( E.P.A. ) announced a cancellation on virtually all uses of DDT. DDT was also removed from Chile (1985), Cuba (1970), Korea (1986), Liechtenstein (1986), Norway and Sweden (1970), Poland (1976), Singapore (1984), Switzerland (1986), and the United Kingdom (1984). The Canadian government did not immediately follow the 1972 U.S. decision.

In Canada, the removal of DDT was more gradual and logical. Most uses of DDT were phased out by the mid–1970s. The registration of all uses of DDT was discontinued in 1985, with the understanding that existing stocks would be sold, used, or disposed of, by the end of 1990. However, after 1990, the sale and use of DDT in Canada was not permitted under the federal Pest Control Products Act. The Canadian phased reduction of DDT was important in that it helped to avoid the creation of large–scale disposal problems. At the municipal level, collection programs were set up to dispose of DDT locally.

By the end of the Twentieth Century, the basic production of DDT continued in countries like ― India, Indonesia, Italy, and Mexico.


The impact of the removal of DDT

There is still a great deal of controversy regarding the decision to remove DDT from the world market.

One popular debate can be summarized as follows ―

The restrictions on the use of DDT has resulted in millions of unnecessary deaths !


According to Michael Crichton ...

In 2004, popular author Michael Crichton summed up the situation with the following excerpt from his book entitled « State of Fear » ―

<< Arguably, the greatest tragedy of the Twentieth Century was the removal of DDT. DDT was the best insecticide for the control of mosquitoes. Despite views to the contrary, no other products were as efficient, or as safe. Since the removal of DDT, it has been estimated that thirty to fifty million people have died unnecessarily from the effects of malaria. Sadly, removing DDT has killed more people than Hitler. Before the removal of DDT, malaria had become almost a minor illness, with only fifty thousand deaths per year throughout the world. >>


Environmental–Terror and the Death of Millions

Environmental–Terrorists have encouraged destructive policies that have led to the death of millions of people.

Some people have accused the Environmental–Terrorists of « Eco–Manslaughter ».

Environmental–Terrorists have killed more people than Hitler.

Let’s look at the statistics.

It is believed that malaria acutely afflicts more than 515 million people per year.

Two–thirds of all cases occur in Africa.

Additionally, malaria causes more than ONE MILLION deaths per year, principally among children under the age of five years and pregnant women.

Some say TWO MILLION deaths.

It has been over thirty–five years since the removal of DDT.

The reader can do the math.

At least THIRTY MILLION deaths.

Up to FIFTY MILLION deaths. Or more.

Nazi persecution killed an estimated nine to eleven million people.

Some say Nazi persecution killed fifteen million.

We do not mean to say that that Environmental–Terrorists are responsible for cold–blooded murder.

But, it is interesting to make the comparison with the great mass murderers of history.


Description of Mass Murderers in Recent History.
(Cold–blooded murder of unarmed combatants.)

Environmental–Terrorists. 35 to 50 million.
Stalin. 20 million.
Hitler. 9 to 15 million.
Mao. Up to 76 million.


According to Paul Driessen ...

Paul K. Driessen wrote the book « Eco–Imperialism ― Green Power, Black Death » in 2003.

Driessen claimed that malaria deaths are TWO MILLION per year.

Moreover, the hundreds of millions who « survive » the disease are too sick to work or take care of their families. They become more vulnerable to subsequent diseases, such as AIDS, dysentery, and tuberculosis.

The survivors are obviously not able to adequately contribute to the economy.

It is no wonder that Sub–Saharan Africa is one of the most destitute regions on Earth.



Environmental–Terrorists have been wrong for over fifty years.

Environmental–Terrorists suffer from depraved indifference.

Environmental–Terrorists have killed more people than Hitler.


William H. Gathercole and Norah G

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  1. Are all your posts based on lies like this one is?

    DDT wasn't removed from the third world, leading to millions of malaria deaths. It was banned in the developed world, and in the third world taken out of agricultural use. It was NEVER banned for use in mosquito control - in fact, was specifically given exceptions in treaties. The reason it hasn't worked is that mosquitoes developed resistance to DDT due to overuse (especially agricultural use). The simple fact is that it was used, and is still used, for mosquito control in the third world.

    Of course, if you base your entire stance on a quote from a FICTION book, then what can you expect?

    Even a quick look at the relevant Wikipedia page would point you to factual sources that disprove your entire point. If you have any self-respect, you'll remove this disgusting and false blog post.

    Unless your intent is to discredit the pro-pesticide movement - in which case, job well done!

  2. Posting by Erich Hawkins. This guy's gotta be a member of the Green Party or something.

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